Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Life Lesson #6: Belief

You will get your heart broken.  You will be disappointed and lost sometimes.  People will leave when all you want is for them to stay.  People will look through you when all you ask is for them to open their eyes.  However undeserved, in these moments you’ll forget yourself.  However temporary, you’ll lose your way.  When you do, remember the things you already know in your heart but you can’t seem to hear over the doubts in your mind.  Remember what I know of you. 

It goes something like this… You deserve more/better. You are a woman who deserves an army of people who cannot see making it through one day without you.  Yours is a heart that could start wars.  Yours is a stature that all people not just women should aspire to hold.  You will face so much and you know how to be human...learn how to stand on your feet and overcome barriers.  Overcome your own dark by finding your light.  The people in your life now and in the future will be better for knowing you and for all that you are.  You should know all of humanity is grateful.

In love, the man who gets to call you his should elevate you, challenge you, and seek to never break your heart.  Any man who cannot see you, who cannot appreciate who you are, and protect it with ferocity has no place in your life.  Don’t build a wall around your heart and don’t pretend it doesn’t hurt when things don’t work out.  Let the tears fall, mourn a loss, and let yourself be sad because acknowledging what you feel is important, but not letting it overcome you is everything.  Rise out of it, like you do, knowing you can, and leave it behind you.  Don’t be afraid to be without him because you were complete before he arrived and you are whole in and of yourself, even if you feel damaged or broken.  Holding on to something is what we do when we’re afraid, but if he broke your heart, he has no place in your life and no permission back to do more damage. 

So, walk away, walk far, and walk proud without anger and without reproach shedding the hurt as you go.  You are loved.  You are loved by people who KNOW that loving you is a privilege, not a burden.  It’s something you hear, it’s something you know, but it has to go deeper…it’s something you have to believe.  Because our ears tell us lies, and our wisdom is acquired and can be flawed. 

Belief comes from someplace else, a place that is ours alone, a place that will give us the hope we think we’ve lost.  Because the good never left, we were never lacking, the bad was all part of the journey for a reason, and in that place where belief lives you know it to be true.