As a full-time mother to two girls, Vice President of a Marketing and Training Division of  MNC, and Creighton University professor of Entrepreneurial Finance, life moves pretty fast.

My life in the brand and business building world has given me unique opportunities over the last 15 years of my career. I've assisted in building out project management agencies in a financial services holding company and managed consulting engagements for growth stage funding and operational efficiency for small and mid-size organizations.  I've worked on state and national projects in national health care initiatives and been part of client teams for global brand management for one of the largest and most prestigious data firms in the nation.  I've been an integral player in the construction of a start-up brand in a start-up industry and currently overseeing the creation, growth, and development of global brands in the wireless retail space.  I consider myself an expert of how to create, manage, repair and excel with customer-centric branding. I consider myself an expert in crafting the communication strategies that enable companies to not just be good at speaking about themselves in the market, but listening to their market as well.

Being an expert in anything means you are forever a student and fan of your subject matter. I am a lover of well-constructed thoughtful brands, responsible companies, and building things that add value.  I've created businesses, brands, and solutions that I've always wanted to help improve not just what people need or use but how it changes or makes the world better.  I strive to add value not just make money and move needles not just check boxes.

I teach Entrepreneurial Finance at Creighton University and am passionate about education and our military men and women.

I all own a company called Rad Racing where I've done consulting and promotion of non-traditional
endurance events, athletics, brands, and businesses.  This means awesomeness that is new or people may not know about...yet.  This is a passion.

One of my biggest partnerships from Rad Racing was with Spartan Race working as the brand developer and as the editor of the Spartan blog as content developer and editor.  I have a deep and abiding love of physical fitness and overall well-being. I also created a women's movement - Chicked Nation encouraging, supporting and motivating female endurance athletes at all levels.  I myself am an adult athlete - an avid runner and a proud woman of CrossFit. I do all kinds of challenges and races - it's given me a new perspective on what I'm physically capable of achieving.  I am actively seeking a better me each and every day.   I like to go to the shooting range and try things that scare me.
I promote events, brands, and companies that I believe in that I think have a soul and a voice that are looking to be different, to be special, to be worthwhile, responsible and sustainable.

I share the stories of those who inspire me and work continually to improve the perception of these new events in the media and in the public eye.

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