Monday, October 25, 2010

And The Mud Mafia was born...

I have been thinking about this for some time and with the help of some creative, talented and active friends of mine I am excited to announce the official launching a new Omaha based racing team: The Mud Mafia.  Our first team race is the Beer and Bagel Run November 7th in Ashland, Nebraska! 

The Mud Mafia is a team committed to staying active, racing local and regional events at all competitive levels, and ultimately having FUN.  Running is an individual sport but The Mud Mafia wants to encourage a group well-being and a fun atmosphere at the local running events.  No one has to join the Mafia permanently or commit to a set number of events, but rather, runners can come to events, and wear the team brand shirt.  For each completed race, team members earn a bullet hole to add to your shirt.  Five bullet holes earns you a pistol. 

The Mud Mafia has it's own blog! Be sure to check it out a for more details, pictures, and updates! 

Contact me with questions!

Carrie Adams