Eating Clean and Gluten Free (and organic vegan today!)

The Daily Grub
20th and Pierce
Every few months some old co-workers of mine and I get together to eat lunch together and catch up.  Now before I go too far, this blog has never been intended to be a site where I review restaurants, and believe me, I am not an expert so read at your own risk, but I felt like I had to post this for the locals! 

Being the blandest eater in the group, I tend to be a challenge for trying new things.  Kelly and Chris both like spicy and I like flavor but very little heat.  Chris worked very hard to get me to commit to a fairly new, organic, and VEGAN, restaurant in town.  Being on week four of gluten-free I had confidence in that part, but day ONE of being on "clean eating" I was hesitant to deviate from what I was being told to eat for today - a chicken breast on romaine and half a sweet potato.  However, I hesitantly agreed to go, assuming the worst despite all of Chris's assuarances and I was blown away.  
Tostada with a corn tostada shell,
pear, beans and almond crema

Menu board
The Daily Grub on 20th and Pierce is a little piece of organic, vegan heaven!  I had a friendly conversation with the lady behind the counter, explaining my situation and my need for some hand holding around what to order and she recomended the gluten free tostada.  There were several soups and salads that looked good, my friend Kelly ordered the hummus sandwich, and Chris ordered the black bean soup and the beet salad.  The menu varies day to day and now they are serving dinners.  I am definitely making this one at my house and stopping by the Daily Grub again!  Sooo good.  I'll be keeping everyone posted on the clean diet, but so far so good!


  1. What a cool little spot. I love how restaurants like this are starting to pop up. It is about time healthy eating eased its way into mainstream.


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