Halloween Nutrition - October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010
A pirate, a princess, and an action figure

Halloween started off like all my other nutritional days.  I ate very well all day knowing that I would be trick-or-treating with my girls that night and would want some chocolate.  Admittedly, I did NOT eat clean (or Gluten free) for the last hours of Halloween.  I had beer and chocolate - 600 calories worth in fact!  Part of the process, I think, has to allow for you to eat what you like (even if it is "bad" for you) for special occasions. 

My girls and I had a great time walking around the neighborhood and enjoying our fun neighbors.  I limit my girls to their sugar intake as well.  They each got quite a bit of candy, but it will be consumed sparingly and thoughtfully.  As kids, they can have some fun treats in moderation too! 

That being said, here is how I fared yesterday! 
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While eating clean isn't an exercise in necessarily counting calories and my caloric intake stayed fairly reasonable, the percentage of daily intake being so heavy in fats, carbs, and processed food cannot be something that is a normal part of my intake process.  That number is just WAY too high.  It drives home the need to really track everything you eat.  "Fun Size" goes down very easily, but it also carries high sugar, calorie, and fat content. It was a really fun night with my girls and I am glad I was able to splurge and still get right back at it today without TOO much guilt. 

Happy Halloween!

Carrie Adams


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