Getting Inspired!

Okay, so it's the holidays and you're surrounded by sweet treats, sugary drinks, and cold weather that makes you want to stay indoors and fill up on unhealthy foods!  It's said that the average person gains 7 - 10 pounds this time of year!  That's a lot of weight!  How do you stay motivated when all around you are temptations? 
First of all, moderation is key.  You can have some of your favorite things so you don't feel deprived, but taking small bites and savoring the flavor make you less likely to overindulge.  How many of us have eaten three cookies before even realizing we barely tasted them!? 

Second, STOP eating when you are full.  You don't have to finish everything on your plate if your tummy is telling you to stop!

Third, stay on your fitness routine, even if you overindulge.  Nothing like a great cardio session after a huge meal to bring you back to reality and remind you to stay with your program. 

Photo from Mike Byerly
 Fourth, create written and visual reminders of your goals.  I journal about what I am trying to accomplish so it stays relevant, but I also have pictures taped to my fridge of my fitness heroes so that I can remind myself every time I open the fridge door that if I want to reach my goals, I better choose something healthy from the fridge to get there.  For me, Jamie Eason is one of my body idols!  She is plastered all over my fridge to remind me to stay on track!  One look at her six pack and you can be sure I am not going to grab something unhealthy. 

Fifth, focus on the other beautiful elements of the holiday season that AREN'T about food.  If you have a spouse, significant other, or children, focus on them and remind yourself that your staying healthy and making healthy decisions will ultimately benefit them as well.  Count your blessings and be kind to yourself when you aren't perfect and get after it again the next day.

The holidays are a time for celebrating and reflecting... the perfect time to celebrate what you've accomplished and also revisit and reset your goals going into the New Year... More to come soon on setting New Year's goals and how to reach them!



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