Substitution Please!

Eating clean doesn't mean you have to miss out some favorite foods and drinks - especially during the holiday season.  For things like mashed potatoes, pasta, and even cocktails, there are healthy options to keep you on track without sacrificing some of your favorite dishes!

I rarely make true mashed potatoes anymore.  I opt for a flavorful substitution with cauliflower!  It's so close to the real thing, my kids don't even know the difference!  I steam a bag of cauliflower, beat the veggies with sea salt, freshly ground pepper, skim milk, and a small amount of butter.  Served hot it passes as the real deal and is VERY low in calorie count!  Sometimes I'll add mozzarella cheese made with skim milk and green onions for some additional kick! 

Eating clean is something I try to keep in the family as much as possible.  It's not always easy to convince an eight-year-old and a three-year-old to eat their veggies without a fight so I have to be creative.  Check out my past post on how I hide pureed veggies in kid friendly meals here. 

My kids LOVE pasta.  I make pasta a few times a week and in order to kick up the amount of veggies they are eating, I routinely cook a spaghetti squash and serve that as the "pasta".  There are a few ways to prepare the squash, but once it's cooked, fluffing the contents creates a pasta look and the taste is great!  Served with tomato sauce and turkey meatballs makes a hearty, healthy meal on a cold night!

Cocktails!  This time of year, I like to have a few drinks when I am out socially or spending time with family. Alcohol contains a lot of sugar and can often derail your diet but there are great products out there that help to limit sugar and carbs but still lend a lot of flavor! In moderation, these substitutions can create a delicious substitution for a traditional cocktail or drink.

For example, my friend Kayla recommended a brand of margarita mix to me, Baja Bob's that's sugar free, zero calories and zero carbs!  With traditional margaritas coming in between 250 and 400 calories a piece this greatly reduces the sugar and caloric intake and according to Kayla they are still quite delicious. Baja Bob's has several other mixes and fun recipes on their website... and the prices are great too! 

So, enjoy your favorite foods and drinks this holiday... in moderation... and think about substituting where you can to keep yourself healthy! 



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