14 Weeks

Sometimes the moments that challenge us the most... define us.

n1002620322_30289093_2716Throughout our lives we are faced with critical moments.  Moments when we have to make a decision.  When you finally accept that what you’ve been doing isn’t what you want for yourself and that the life that you have isn’t the life that you envisioned.  In those moments you are given a choice, stay where you are and keep getting what you don’t want; or own the reality of it and actually do something about it, something big, and that choice might actually be to change everything.

Recently, one of my best friends on the planet, a guy I’ve known since I was six years old started making life changes.  His name is Chad Bishoff and he’s one of the most talented and creative people I know.  After turning 30 and realizing he had not done so many things he wanted by that milestone, he had a wake-up call so he quit smoking, began eating “clean” meals more frequently, but he wanted more for himself.  We talked about analogies until, ironically, we decided that he needed to LIVE one.  He needed to be his own success story and source of inspiration. 

So he made a life choice far outside his comfort zone.  This choice will challenge him, change him mentally and physically, push him, and ultimately show him how much he has inside him.  His choice is to run a half marathon, 13.1 miles, in 14 weeks.   He hasn’t worked out in six months and he hasn’t run in years. It’s quite a challenge!  He is chronicling his journey in a humorous, honest, and inspiring blog that I wanted to share so you can follow his journey too. 

One moment faced, one choice made, 14 weeks to get there…


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