Podcast with Jason Jaksetic

#19 The Fitness Tech Podcast: Interview with Ultra Athlete Jason Jaksetic

I joined Jim and Jamie again on Jim's Average Guy podcast dedicated to fitness and technology.  We had the unique opportunity to talk with Ultra distance athlete Jason Jaksetic. Jason blogs at his site http://www.jasonjaksetic.blogspot.com/ and represent Spartan Races.

Jason walks us thru the his past racing events, his current training, nutrition and what it feels like to compete in Ultra events as well as what he does to prepare himself for super long races! We also hear about his current training campus in the mountains of Vermont....did I mention that he lives in a barn and is channeling his inner caveman as we speak, beard and all?

It’s an incredible interview and one you will not want to miss.  I will be in Vermont for Jason's next event - a 100 mile snowshoe on March 5th as a part of the Peak Races Series helping Jason with his nutrition for the event.  I am also singed up for a 6 miles "fun run" snow shoe event.  Seeing me in snowshoes for the first time will be highly entertaining I assure you!  Jason and his roommate Matt also inspired a recent recipe - the Lafawnduh Chocoloate Peanutbutter Cookie Balls. 

We'll be doing video at the event and capturing some of the race live so I'll keep you updated on that! 

Jason’s Information: http://jasonjaksetic.blogspot.com/ Spartan Races: http://www.spartanrace.com/

Jim's Information:
You can follow Jim on Twitter at http://twitter.com/jcollison. If you want to contact us here at the show, email us at podcast@theaverageguy.tv. Visit the new Facebook page for the The Average Guy Network.


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