Five Things

There are so few things that I claim to know or understand in this life but there are five things of which I am certain.

1. When we think we can't go further or we think we have nothing left, we've only just begun to find out what we're capable of accomplishing.

2. Being kind is not being weak.

3. You can never say "thank you" enough. "Please" and "I'm sorry" should also log some serious vocabulary mileage.

4. What you do for a living is an investment of your very life. It's dedicating and exchanging precious hours and years of your limited existence to something. Strive to be driven by purpose and not by currency so that the sacrifice has meaning.

5. We are imperfect, but love is not. And love is what we must seek, what requires vigilant protection, nurturing, reverence, and humility. It doesn't come without loss and ultimate vulnerability. Rarely does it exist without a fight... but it nourishes the soul and the very soul of the world.


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