Life's Good...

There is nothing significant about this post.  Nothing profound happened to me today, I haven't been lost in thought, pondering a problem, or trying to find meaning in anything specific. I didn't have an illuminating moment or thought.  In fact, tonight, all I can seem to focus on at the moment is dancing barefoot in my kitchen while eating hummus and vegetables; a stack of work sitting across from me that won't get done by itself.  Besides, Paul Colman came on Pandora...


I feel light, and I feel happy, and I feel good.  Not exceptional, extraordinary, or incredible.  Not terrible, horrible, or low. I just feel good.  And for a lot of little reasons.  
I was up at 4:45 and had fancy coffee with my best friend.  Then, I taught a Pilates class to four of my favorite clients on the planet and was home eating eggs before 7AM.  (There were bleu cheese crumbles.) 

I got a 1:58 voicemail from of one of my best friends singing a made-up song involving words that rhymed with my name.  

I answered 117 emails today... before noon.  

I got 36 text messages - 24 of them made me Laugh. Out. Loud.  

I ate lunch with my four-year-old and we both wore felt mustaches.  She had a crust-less almond butter sandwich with carrot sticks and I had a BLT lettuce wrap.  She stole pineapple off my plate and I pretended not to notice.  

Photo: What greeted me this morning.
I posted a blog about a woman who left an abusive relationship and is now happier and healthier than she's ever been.  

I got a hug from one of my Pilates clients who is newly pregnant.  The second one in two weeks.  They both glow. 

I got a pipe cleaner vase from my ten year old... it doesn't hold water, but it's pretty rad regardless.  

I got an email from a friend tonight that said, "Hey, I'm sure you're doing well, but I thought I'd just email you real quick and remind you that life is pretty f*cking good.  That's all I got.  Rock steady, girl... just rock steady."  

And I got a phone call less than five minutes ago that was exactly what I didn't know was exactly what I needed to get. 

I had chocolate. And a glass of red wine.  

I heard a song on the way back from the gym I'd thought of on my way there.  

And I'm not different than I was 24 hours ago.  And life isn't much different than it was 24 hours ago.  But that's not the point.

It's not always about the profound.  Sometimes it's about appreciating the ordinary.  How perfect that can be and how much we need it to keep us moving forward.  

Because, most days, it's that simple.  Life's good... Most days, it's not dealing with life's extremes... it's not the terrible or the awesome, the tragic or the unfair, the lucky or the fantastic.  It's just so thick with the good there isn't room for anything more or less.  And it's like shrugging into a comfortable, worn sweater, that fits like a glove.  And instead of wondering how I got here, I'm just enjoying where "here" is tonight.  Here is good.

And at a moment, where I have a million things to do, and for no particular reason I'm all small, quiet, and happy smiles.  I'm  feeling good right now.  And nothing else really matters.  I won't worry about it one way or another... I'm just too busy rockin' steady.  I'm too busy feeling good. 


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