Use Your Words

I write a lot of words. Today was more than most.  When I know I have a lot to write, I play the same song over and over so that the noise becomes familiar but I am not distracted by the noise changing regularly like would happen if I listened to the radio or watched television.  I am comforted by white noise.  In fact, I sleep with the television turned low, low enough that I can't hear what they are saying but high enough that I can hear a constant stream of unintelligible sound.  White noise in the background.  

And as I wrote, I listened to the song "Alone" by Dark the Suns. And as the words continued to flow so did the notes to the song, and quickly they took on a familiar pattern that was soothing and helped me get through the mountain of content I needed to generate.  And it played a total of 73 (make that 74) times during my working hours.  And in that time I created eleven documents totaling 4,762 words.  Those were just the words I was able to track and count.  I also composed 102 emails and took three conference calls.  Words, words, words.  So many words.  

And my computer takes a beating.  Less than two years old and having replaced the keyboard once already, it is missing the markings on many of the keys. The "k" key and the "e" key both stick just a touch so I have to punch them with slightly more pressure than the others, a practice that is more habit than deliberate now.  I type just over 100 words per minute and will contend that one of the most valuable classes I ever took in high school was keyboarding. 

And as the song rounds out on its 74th run I'm finally out of things to type.  And my fingers finally leave the keyboard for the first time in over an hour.  And just like that, no more words. 

(For those of you keeping track, this blog adds another 344 words. Whew.) 


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