"You're everything I never knew I always wanted."

My favorite cheesy chick flick movie line of all time. And it is soooo very cheesy. It's from the movie "Fools Rush In" with Selma Hayak and Matthew Perry. Dumb movie overall - completely predictable and unoriginal. Your typical overworked man meets interesting woman from a different culture and yet, somehow, it all makes sense and despite all the drama in the middle... they end up together, blissfully happy.


I'm not one that gets too excited about chick flick movies either. I'm more of a documentary style girl, though a good summer blockbuster with lots of explosions is pretty fantastic too. However, while watching that movie in college when he delivered that line standing on top of the Hoover dam (in this really sort of awkward "Chandler Bing" way) it still somehow stuck with me.

Since then, I feel like I've had these extraordinary glimpses at love.  Flashes of its brilliance, purpose, and perfection.  I'm talking about the big love stuff. The real, honest, pure, and unselfish kind; undeniable and overwhelming. There is a precious ache that comes with finding those glimpses... An inescapable sting that reminds even the deepest parts of your soul that your whole life you have been missing something huge... something that is as necessary as the air we breathe.  The ache is bittersweet and familiar, almost like an echo of something we can almost recall, something just beyond our memory's reach.

Everything we never knew we always wanted.

[Author's Note: I'm a huge Elvis fan.  Huge.  Truth be told, that's why I rented the movie Fools Rush In in the first place, he was all over the soundtrack.  I have always loved his music, and this song (though Always on My Mind is my all-time favorite).  However, I heard this version and Inrid Michaelson breathed new life and a painful depth to the lyrics.  She perfectly finds that balance between the sweetness and the pain.  2:10 lands just perfectly...]


  1. I don't think I've seen the movie but LOVE Ingrid Michelson's version of that song!


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