Open Your Own Doors

Sometimes in between those big life altering moments, you have small ones, just as significant, that you recognize will completely change everything.  And when you recognize the significance, it's not scary or overwhelming, it's the opposite.  It's like coming home,  maybe the home where you should have always been you were just too scared to live it - to live the truth of it.  To live the truth of YOU.

Those little moments aren't so much something happening as you finally acknowledging what you've probably always known to be true, what you may have even been moving towards, you just didn't know what to do with it.  It's not movement outward.  It's a gentle but complete inward progression.  And all that is left (besides the details) is the contentment with opening your own doors and making your own future without all the noise, fear, and excuses that far too often keep us from being really happy.  It's the difference between accepting what you've been given and finding something else - something of your own making.

So, today, I'm celebrating my little moments.  The realization that it's not always about growing up as much as it is growing in.  Celebrating that you don't have to be changed by something significant, you didn't need to change in the first place, you just needed to embrace what has been there all along...


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