Music of the Soul

Music is a powerful force.  A single note can take us back, instantly, to another place and time.  Songs you'll never forget, no matter how much time passes, so connected to your history that they aren't just songs, they are tangible memories, part of your past, and the emotional reaction when you hear them is back to something that you don't just recall... you relive.

Sometimes these memories of song are happy ones, joyful irreplaceable firsts or milestones.  They put an immediate smile to your lips, involuntary and unavoidable, spreading across your face as the chords fill your consciousness.  You can taste the past, smell it, hear the sounds... A first love, a first kiss, a first dance... a first unforgettable moment forever tied to the lyrics. These songs immediately elevate and everything seems just a little brighter in their wake. 

And then there are the songs that take your breath.  Painfully.  Immediately.  Just a handful of notes and you're paralyzed. The sudden sound arising a terrible, searing ache well below the surface.  Deep, complete, and consuming, it's like being haunted by your own past.  But the stinging pain is anything but a phantom... those songs leave in their wake a melancholy, a longing that lingers even after the song has ended, long after we thought it shouldn't hurt as much as it does.  As much as it always may.

Beautiful and tragic, music makes up the soundtrack to our lives.  Adding to our life story... feeding and starving the soul one note at a time.


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