It was somewhere between my Google search for "Gluten Free Toothpaste" and the realization that my Halls cough drops contain soy lecithin that I began to throw things. I believe I said, "You've got to be kidding me," then I watched the cough drops leave my hand, sail across the room, and land with a quiet, but defiant "thump" at the foot of the couch.

It didn't help that Cate picked them up and said, "Mom, you dropped your cough drops," and smiled sweetly in my direction.  Between her angelic face, my scratchy throat, and runny nose I threw myself down on the couch dramatically and groaned aloud.

It's another reminder, one of several in the last 24 hours that shit is getting real.  I am going to apologize in advance.  My posts in the near future will undoubtedly deal with my new dietary restrictions and lifestyle as I learn the ropes and will undoubtedly include four letter words.  (See THIS post for the back-story if you are confused.)

Now, I know what you are thinking, "One cough drop isn't going to kill you.  How much soy lecithin can one really have?"  And I would agree with you.  But then I'm already missing the point.  It's not about taking one cough drop.  It's reprogramming how I think about everything I put into my body.  And it's a cough drop.  A small, delicious, soothing cough drop.  But, I don't want to make exceptions and find myself skirting the rules, I just need new alternatives to old expectations and habits.  In this case I had organic throat comfort tea instead. It tasted great and worked like a charm.  Crisis averted!

In the toothpaste realm, my beloved Sensodyne cannot confirm that the raw materials used to manufacture their products are gluten free so my cold sensitive teeth will just have to adjust to Crest (who's toothpastes have all been proudly gluten-free since January 2012.)  Arm & Hammer, Colgate, and Oral B are also Gluten-free according to their company's websites.  Silver lining?  I can't have ice cream anymore either, though gluten-free, dairy, and soy-free coconut sorbet is magnificent.

The reality is that I'm not just changing how I eat, how I shop, or behavior patterns.  I'm changing how I live completely.   My make-up, vitamins, mailing stamps (though many have attempted to debunk this one),even communion wafers at church have gluten... further proof that I'm not safe anywhere...



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